Access Control

Access Control
Level 5 Security Group can design, install, monitor, maintain – and remotely manage – integrated keyless entry systems from the leading technology companies in the world.

Whereas access control systems in the past were isolated, stand-alone platforms, Level 5’s network-based access control systems feature:

  • The ability to remotely manage multiple locations via a single browser interface
  • Real time monitoring event notification
  • Easy-to-generate, remotely-accessed custom reports
  • Embedded memory – making upgrades simple, and eliminating the need to purchase, install, and maintain an additional, expensive PC server
  • Easy-to-use software, requiring no software or client-server licenses
  • Remote access via any authorized IP device
  • Secure data connections employing SSL authentication and encryption
  • Optional remotely managed access control as a service.*

*What is remotely managed access control service?

There are several companies in the security business that will sell you an access control system, along with all of the options such as biometric readers, proximity readers, visitor tracking systems, etc. Choosing between products and companies can be daunting, with hundreds of products and companies to choose from.

And, even though these decisions are difficult enough, you will need to decide who will manage the system on an ongoing basis after it is installed. Does your staff have the time and resources to effectively implement and manage the system on a daily basis? Adds, deletes, programming changes, holiday scheduling – all of these tasks have to be regularly completed, employing your time, energy, & money.

Well, there is an easier way for you to manage your resources: For over 20 years, the team at Level 5 Security Group has been delivering remotely-managed access control services to our clients in South Florida.

With this service, we expertly design a system tailored to your needs, employ the correct hardware and software, and install it all according to proper life-safety codes. After we complete the installation, we program the system according to your instructions. Then, going forward, Level 5 personnel is ready, 24 hours a day, to handle all aspects of managing and maintaining your keyless entry system.

All programming changes, all adds, all deletes, all holiday schedules changes, and all upgrades – are only a telephone call or email away to our team. And if there’s an issue that can’t be handled remotely – such as a broken lock or reader – we roll a truck & technician to your facility to repair it right away.

So, why deal with the headaches? By outsourcing your access control system management
to Level 5, you can focus on what makes you money – your business.